The New Orleans Nightingales

 Founded in 2012 by Ingrid Lucia, The New Orleans Nightingales are a diverse group of the best and brightest singers in New Orleans. Steeped in the musical traditions of early American music, the ladies of the New Orleans Nightingales bring new life to this hundred year art form through new compositions, vibrant live performances and a commitment to the idea that traditional jazz and folk music is still evolving. 
Backed by a group of dynamic players, this explosive combination of quality musicianship and vocal prowess guarantees and entertaining and memorable experience. 


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photo by Kristin Foquet

     The New Orleans Nightingales are
Ingrid Lucia                   Holley Bendtsen
Tricia Bouttè                      Debbie Davis
Kristin Diable                      Banu Gibson
Gal Holiday                     Meschiya Lake
Miss Sophie Lee        Roselyn Lionheart
Jayna Morgan                Aurora Nealand
Margie Perez             The Pfister Sisters
Lena Prima                    Sarah Quintana
Sinead Rudden             Alexandra Scott
Yvette Voelker                  Linnzi Zaorski

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