"Debbie Davis is generally recognized as possessing one of the most beautiful voices in a city filled with talented singers." - Offbeat Magazine

"Davis has a big, lush and wryly sultry voice, infused with intelligence and wit; the well- rehearsed Mesmerizers are a perfect setting for that gem. After logging so many dozens of hours as a live ensemble, they work together like surefooted dance partners, making the musical twirls and dips look easy." - Times Picayune


French Quarter Festival 2013

"Debbie Davis stands out in the crowd of vocalists like a bird-of-paradise in a roomful of parakeets. Her voice is a magnificent, near- operatic instrument and her theatrical instincts are the stuff of Broadway musical-level perfor-mance. When she takes the stage at Three Muses or d.b.a., one hand cocked saucily on her waist, the other brandishing a cocktail glass, she holds court with the authority of a Peggy Lee." - Offbeat Magazine


d.b.a. New Orleans, 2014

"Davis, who also plays a mean ukulele, sings with a big, bluesy voice that soars over tunes like Paul Sanchez’s “Mexico” as if it might ascend into the stratosphere…" - Downbeat Magazine

Mexico, 6th & I Synagogue, Washington DC

Dream a Little Dream, Space, Chicago Il

"Her saucy delivery is reminiscent of numerous big band vocalists and the great Cass Elliot. Every gesture is priceless"  -Offbeat Magazine
"Her warm, full voice illuminates the nooks and crannies of these songs with an emotional resonance that reminds listeners of such mistresses of restrained passion as Astrud Gilberto and Betty Carter." - Offbeat Magazine

It's Not the Years, It's the Miles, Chickie Wah Wah

"Davis’ voice is beyond appealing. she belts out lyrics of a tattered woman with the voice of a flirty seductress." 
- Where Y'at Magazine
"Every cut is surefooted, but none sounds overworked. It's there as well that Davis' skill and sensibility as an interpreter comes in.  The album split(s) the difference between American songbook classics, vintage jazz and soul Those kinds of choices and what's done with them, for a jazz vocalist, are what separate the true songbirds from the parrots. Davis, spanning a hundred years of pop music, does so ably and with a sharp understanding of the bones of a song." -Times Picayune

Louisiana Music Factory

D'yer Maker, Three Muses, New Orleans

“Debbie Davis is old school, with a voice that is comfortable in various contexts.  All in all, she’s what a singer should be.” -  Gambit Weekly

Things We Said Today FQF 2012

"My Darlin New Orleans," HBO Treme's All Star Review, Tipitina's

HBO's TREME, Season 4, Episode 4, Sing Sing Sing

HBO's TREME, Season 1, Episode 5, Shame Shame Shame

Pfister Sisters, Ascona Jazz Festival