"Debbie Davis is generally recognized as possessing one of the most beautiful voices in a city filled with talented singers." - Offbeat Magazine

"Davis has a big, lush and wryly sultry voice, infused with intelligence and wit; the well- rehearsed Mesmerizers are a perfect setting for that gem. After logging so many dozens of hours as a live ensemble, they work together like surefooted dance partners, making the musical twirls and dips look easy." - Times Picayune


French Quarter Festival 2013

"Debbie Davis stands out in the crowd of vocalists like a bird-of-paradise in a roomful of parakeets. Her voice is a magnificent, near- operatic instrument and her theatrical instincts are the stuff of Broadway musical-level perfor-mance. When she takes the stage at Three Muses or d.b.a., one hand cocked saucily on her waist, the other brandishing a cocktail glass, she holds court with the authority of a Peggy Lee." - Offbeat Magazine


d.b.a. New Orleans, 2014

"Davis, who also plays a mean ukulele, sings with a big, bluesy voice that soars over tunes like Paul Sanchez’s “Mexico” as if it might ascend into the stratosphere…" - Downbeat Magazine

Mexico, 6th & I Synagogue, Washington DC