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Festivals and spring shows approaching and some of them are mine! A command performance with the Mesmerizers, 2 festival gigs with Paul Sanchez and the Rolling Road Show, duo shows with Josh Paxton and a special evening of the music of Alex McMurray WITH Alex McMurray. Hope to see you there.

There are no upcoming events right now.

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Other Than Everything, Everything’s Great

Debbie Davis and Josh Paxton

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Other Than Everything, Everything’s Great

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The featured single from Debbie and Josh’s upcoming album, Interesting Times. Penned by New Orleans composer, Luke Allen, this song is a meditation on the times we are bearing witness to. History will remember these days for what they were, but how will it remember us? Baby, this aint no time to break...

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Spring is here, at least in Louisiana, and so it's time to blossom and bloom with new music and shows and exciting news!  

Debbie and Josh will be releasing not one, but two records this year. The exact timing remains to be seen but expect to hear lots of new music this year, some to pluck your heart strings, some to stir your spirit to rise up in the face of tyranny. Yeah. It's like that. I mean, it was already like that. We just set it to music. Like the Chinese curse says... yeah. We're there.

Look for Debbie and Josh at French Quarter Festival on April 18 as well as an unprecedented duo appearance at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival on the Musicporium stage on April 26 plus lots of local shows in between.

All hail the queen

Debbie Davis and Josh Paxton on tour

2 CD's in 2014!